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The first 9 years of my professional career were spent as a Writer/Illustrator in the International Department for Charbroil®. After being “downsized” a career coach suggested I use some of my talents to benefit myself. This suggestion prompted me to form Medialance Design, LLC strictly for the purpose of web/graphic design. While it was thrilling, there wasn’t quite enough business to pay all of the bills. After 5 months of going at it pretty hard I took a job with The Department of Technical and Adult Education (Quick Start) as a writer/training material developer. Going out to various industries in the state of Georgia to document manufacturing procedures reunited me with photography as the processes had to be photographed as well as documented in writing. I borrowed one the company’s cameras one weekend to do some “free” work for a friend and that was pretty much it. Good friend and superb artist Sam Wright (painter/portrait artist, graffiti artist…occasional photographer) joined the family in late 2009 to add his own style to the mix. To all of my aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs: the current state of the economy may dictate that you have a “day” job, but keep your dream alive. A side/part time business can blossom into a fulltime thing in time. Maybe mine will one day? Good luck.
P.S. I also did a quick stint as the web developer/event photographer for Davis Broadcasting. Anybody remember that?

Patrick Albright - photographer/graphic designer/web designer/illustrator/stunt man/sock model/technical writer/trainer/bag boy/TSO/etc….


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